Happy Birthday Messages For Collage Boyfriend

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshapp. At Birthday time we can share Happy Birthday messages for each other and at this time every girl has boyfriend. So Birthday time every girl can send your Birthday messages for your boyfriend.

Happy Birthday Messages For Collage Boyfriend:

11) We have been dating for a few months now

I feel like the happiest girl in the world

Thinking about you

Makes me blush, twist and twirl

On your birthday, I’ll shout it out aloud

When the whole world can hear and see

This is only one way in which I can show you

How much you mean to me

Happy birthday

12) Boyfriends like you

Are very rare

I get goosebumps every time

I think of you, I swear

As a lover and a friend

You show me the way

My handsome man,

Wish you a happy birthday

Cute relaionship poem for boyfriend and girlfriend

13) May we always

Be together

May we never have reasons

To leave each other

May nothing in the world

Ever drive us apart

Is what I’ll always wish

From the bottom of my heart

Happy birthday

14) Everyone is jealous of us

We make an awesome couple

Life with you seems perfect

Forever, I want to be in this bubble

Today I want to preach

Just one simply philosophy

That a handsome guy like you

Deserves a pretty girl like me

Happy birthday

15) You are tall and handsome

I am pretty and girly

My feelings for you

Sweeter than candy

You are my boyfriend

I am your girlfriend

As a couple

We are love’s perfect blend

Happy birthday

16) For you, nothing in this world

I would ever trade

You are more precious to me

Than a dazzling Jade

From every troubles of life

You have given me bail

Today I promise that for you

My love will never fail

Sweetheart greeting card poem for him from her

17) Of no one else but you

I could ever be so sure

My soul yearns for yours

So radiant and pure

Forever in my heart

I want you to stay

Without you, I refuse

To spend a single day

Happy birthday

18) I am richer by billions

When you are by my side

I daydream about you

With my eyes open wide

May you get

Everything you want, I pray

Have a fabulous year ahead

Starting from your birthday today


19) Everything about this day

Is so sweet and rosy

It’s the perfect moment

To cuddle and get cozy

Your birthday calls for

A party unlike any other

That’s what a guy deserves

Who’s in my heart forever

Happy birthday

20) Courageous, loving

Responsible and humble

With you by my side

There is no excuse to grumble

All these qualities

Don’t always go hand in hand

But lucky for me

They do in my man

Happy birthday